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What’s a park model RV?

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) defines park model RVs as “a unique trailer-type RV that is designed to provide temporary accommodation for recreation, camping or seasonal use.” According to the RVIA, nearly 70 percent of park model RV owners locate their unit within several hours’ drive time from their primary residences and use them for weekend camping trips.

Features and benefits of park model RVs
Park Model RV’s Offer big living without any of the associated big hassles. Here’s why:

Affordability: Park model RVs are manufactured in an environmentally controlled facility using a process designed to achieve maximum efficiency at minimal expense. As “homes away from home,” they’re also designed to pack as many amenities as possible into a concise living space.

Flexibility: Not only can your park model RV perfectly reflect your design tastes, it can also fit an endless array of locations. Are you interested in a warmer locale in the winter? Somewhere cool in the summer? Maybe there’s a favorite camping, hunting or fishing destination you’d like to be closer to. Or perhaps your goal is a weekend retreat closer to family.

Do you live the park model RV lifestyle?
If you’re active and like being outdoors, you may like the park model RV lifestyle.

Full-sized living in a small space.
With full size amenities, from kitchens to bedrooms, you should choose a park model RV.

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